Dividing Walls

Price: 1.00 €

So.l.a.t. PVC dividing walls are of modular system and are ideal for the subdivision of environments. 
They are very versatile, permit the creation of different typologies with a wide range of finishing and colours; furthermore they offer the possibility, with respect to traditional walls, of which they have the same resistance and the same isolating power, of being able to intervene easily on the space by carrying out modifications at any time. 
Having being made entirely of pvc they do not require maintenance, painting, are easy to clean, even a with warm water, cannot be attacked by mosses or parasites and do not release dust, all characteristics that allows its use in eating, medical environments, etc.

So.l.a.t. dividing walls are composed of pile up panels and by weight bearing profiles
The panels are staves of 125x40 mm made by extrusion and are set up one piece blocking the other male/female blockage; the weight bearing profiles, also made by extrusion have a U shaped perimeter guide adapted for receiving the panels. a 90° profile and a reinforcing H shaped mounted profile; the angular profile and the internally mounted receive a tubular iron 40x40 that confers more robustness. .