False Ceilings

Price: 2.00 €

The P10 staved false ceiling by So.l.a.t. has a decisively linear and clean design that contributes to the development for pleasant environments and placed in such a way that it provides the developer the possibility to "virtually" intervene in the creation of the spaces. The ease in removing the staves from the upper structure permit monitoring the plenum making the false ceiling particularly adapted in covering the aerial installations.

The peculiarity of its slat made double-chamber make a countertop by the excellent value of P10 both sound and thermal insulation which can be increased with the use of insulating panels.
Furthermore, lighting can be inserted for example ceiling lights or lamps and fixed aerator


The false ceiling is composed of primary staves 100 mm apart made entirely in pvc of slightly rounded nature; the staves are fixed and wedged on a transverse steel structure placed distancing one from the other, in that space is inserted a "central" profile in pvc that may be of the same colour as the staves in such a way as to make a homogeneous surface or of different colour to make the surface more contrasting.
On the entire perimeter wall is mounted a L-like "perimetric" profile in pvc for the closure of the ceiling.
They are "Class 1" certified to reaction to fire and homologated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.