Price: 3.00 €

PVC roll shutters: model EUROPA
Roller blind PVC weight of 5,000 kg / 5,200 square meters, UNI 8772 rule, consisting of slats of the size of the silhouette 14x47,7mm with double curvature on the outer face and straight on the inside.

PVC roll shutters model EUROPA have profiles made by extrusion using five bridges of support that in turn form five internal chambers, one of which is adapted to receive a profile of galvanized iron to H as reinforcement for widths over 130 cm.

The PVC roll shutters made by So.l.a.t. are products of the highest quality and value: provide strength over time, against all the weather elements, compliance with all architectural styles, aesthetic refinement and quietness.

Thanks to its rounded shape, the model Europa, has led innovation in the field of PVC roll shutters and blinds.