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PLAYWOO PANEL composed internally of Nido d'Ape (bee-hive structure) and framework in seasoned fir, covered externally by integral anti-scratch laminated plastic, made square using thrashed profile and having a pvc socle. 
JAMBA (padded frame) LE-DOOR new made using multicellular profile extruded in pvc, with rounded shape and seal lip; internally reinforced on both sides with extrude profile in regenerated pvc.
LISTRA (frame-body) in extruded pvc, fixed with a spring catch to the doorpost.
Hinged clasp  of plastified Anuba type.

Resin Doorknob  with key lock closure of Patent type.
Characteristics Traditional wooden panel coupled with PVC extrusion.
Application Elegant door ideal for all public and commercial locations such as hotels, offices, services, shopping centers.