Price: 1.00 €

Eco-sustainable Product: made of more than 30% recycled material

PVC PANNEL composed of multicellular profiles extruded in rigid pvc having a width of 125 x 40 mm, made square with a thrashed profile and pvc socle, internally made rigid on two sides using regenerated extruded pvc.
JAMB (padded frame) PLA-DOOR new made using multicellular profile in pvc, rounded shape and seal lip; reinforced entirely on both sides with extrude profile in regenerated pvc
LISTRA (frame-body) in extruded pvc, fixed to the doorpost.
HINGED Clasp  of plastified Anuba type.

Resin Doorknob with key lock of Patent type.
Certificazione Class 1 Reaction to fire breakout
Characteristics Can be washed using water and solvents without alterations
Application fields Ideal for wet locations subjected to frequent washing as sports centers, swimming pools, gyms, bathing cabins.