Price: 3.00 €

Eco-sustainable Product: made of more than 60% recycled material

Pvc panel composed of multicellular profiles extruded with rigid PVC 125 x 37 thick, externally coated with scratch-resistant plastic laminate thickness of 1.5 mm, box profile joke and skirting PVC, stiffened internally on two sides by an extruded pvc regenerated.

JAMB (padded frame) LE-DOOR new made using multicellular profile extruded in pvc, with rounded shape and seal lip; internally reinforced on both sides with extrude profile in regenerated pvc.
LISTRA (frame body) in extruded pvc, fixed with a spring catch to the doorpost.
HINGED CLASP of plastified Anuba type.

Resin Doorknob with key lock of Patent type.
Certificazione Class 1 Reaction to fire breakout
Characteristics Can be washed using water and solvents without alterations
Applications Stylish and durable door, it is particularly suitable for schools, hospitals, communities.