So.l.a.t. is a PVC Internal Doors wordwide supplier. We work for builders, constuctors, architect, designers.
Here you can find our PVC panelled doors lines, produced by So.l.a.t. 100% in Italy.
Our PVC doors are unique in their high technological content, their elegant design, their ease of installation and furthermore for their limited maintenance problems.
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All these characteristics gave birth, in the late 80's, to a panelled door composed entirely of resin synthetic profiles and which has been denominated PLA-DOOR.
The range of So.l.a.t. panelled doors is also composed of LE-DOOR, a thrashed panel door covered by laminated plastic; pvc wire covering and frame.

The PLA-DOOR PL with its characteristic of having a resistant pvc door panel, has another important feature which is the aesthetic of the laminated cover: pvc frame, wire coverings and edges.

  From the natural evolution of the classic frame, we created a new line called NEW made of pvc, featured by the rounded shape of the frame, the architrave and border-gate, and the inclusion of the rubber gasket.

Furthermore, the continuous demands from the market have made our company enrich its range of product with the production of a sliding door structure, entirely made in pvc.

The customized production can satisfy the different requirements in compliance with the regulations.